7 Warning Signs That Your Child Needs To Go To The Emergency Room

doctor You may wonder what symptoms warrant an immediate trip to the Emergency Room and which ones require a simple trip to the doctor. Trust your mothers intuition about if your child isn’t acting his or her normal self. Worst case scenario is that you just made a visit to the doctor or urgent care; I’d rather that be the case than you sit at home and it was a real emergency!

Always ask your pediatrician about symptoms or any medical concerns you may have during your routine doctors visits. But keep in mind that there are situations that will require you to get to the hospital right away.

1. Fevers over 104. Children can have seizures if their fevers get too high. If the fever goes up to 107 they can experience these convulsions so be sure to treat a fever as soon as you realize your child has one. If it’s rising too high and too fast, go to the E.R. immediately.

2. Your child drank a chemical that says poisonous on the bottle and is unresponsive. In any possible poisoning, call the Poison Control Center (1-800-222-1222) for expert advice and they may direct you to the ER.

3. Your child has fallen and is unconscious. It’s sounds very obvious but some parents think they are super heroes. Take your baby to the doctor. You don’t want to shake your child either saying “Wake Up!” like they do in the movies either. You don’t know what you could be damaging.

4. Your child has uncontrolled bleeding. Try to stop the bleeding by putting something thick like a towel over the wound. Apply a gentle amount of pressure and get your baby to the ER or get on the phone with 911. Do your best to get your little one to relax rather than cry (I know easier said than done).

5. If your child has difficulty breathing.

6. If your child has a rapid heartbeat and it won’t slow down. This could be a sign of an Arrhythmia.

7. If your child has a stiff neck and a fever. This could be a sign of Meningitis.

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