How to Tackle Morning Sickness


Pregnancy comes with it’s set of annoying symptoms and morning sickness has to be the WORST one there is! The feeling of nausea is absolutely disgusting and can make it very hard to get through the day (especially if yours last ALL day long). And poor you if you are apart of the 30% of women who actually do throw up throughout the day. [Read more…]

9 Ways Working Moms Can Get Involved In Their Children’s Classroom


Heading back to work after having children is a difficult task. As they get older it only seems to get worse doesn’t it? You may feel that you don’t have enough opportunities to get involved in your child’s education and really give them the quality time they deserve. However there are ways that you can get involved in your child’s education and support the learning that’s going on at school.

1. Join the PTA. Some PTAs meet in the evening and will give you enough time to support your child’s learning environment with the valuable resources PTA funds and events can supply.

2. Make copies or have things laminated. Teachers are swamped with work and may need help balancing work or prepping materials for the students. Parent volunteers are a great resource for the classroom and the students!

3. Bring in snacks. Children are eating lunch much earlier in the day and most times need a quick snack before they go home. Bringing in snacks for the class is a great way to help students focus on tasks without the distraction of being hungry. Make sure you get the allergy list before you purchase your snacks though!

4. Contribute to the reward system. If the class is using a treasure box you can bring in small dollar store items to use as rewards. We want to reward our babies for the great work they are doing at school.

5. Be a room parent. A room parent helps other parents get involved and supports the classroom. You may not be available to be there everyday to volunteer in the classroom but you can certainly help with reaching out to other parents and supporting them in getting involved. (Call me crazy but I also like to know by children’s friends parents…How YOU doin’!)

6.  Get crafty! You can donate arts and crafts supplies or make the birthday crown students get to wear on their birthday. Use those art skills to create decor the classroom door or anything! Ask your child, they certainly are great at telling you EVERYTHING about the school day and what h/she thinks needs to go in there.

7. Organize a fundraiser at your job to support a new classroom purchase. Teachers are always looking for cost effective ways to get resources for the classroom. If you can organize a fundraiser at your office for a new Ipad or books for the classroom, your child’s teacher will adore you!

8. Grant Writing. If you can write grants you can definitely support new resources at the school and classroom level. Meet with the classroom teacher or school admin to find out what resources they need and assist with researching grants they might be eligible for and get to writing!

If you found these ideas helpful be sure to share with other working mamas! Thanks in advance ;-)


20 Great Board Books for Babies

BoardBooks Reading to our babies helps them to develop the language skills they’ll later need to talk. Reading to our babies is also a very special time to connect and bond with them. They love to hear the sweet sound of your voice and to feel your warm body close to theirs. If you’re looking for some great books to add to your babies little library check out these great titles!

1. Please, Baby, Please by Spike Lee

Please, Baby, Please
2. Whose Toes are those? by Jabari Asim
3. Girl of Mine by Jabari Asmin

4. Baby Dance by Ann Taylor
5. Whose Knees are these? by Jabari Asmin
6. Peekaboo Morning by Rachel Isadora
7. Good Night, Baby by Cheryl Willis Hudson full_love
8. Full, Full, Full of Love by Trish Cooke
9. Animal Sounds for Baby by Cheryl Willis Hudson
10. Hands Can by Cheryl Willis Hudson
11. Boy of Mine by Jabari Asmin
12. I Love You Through and Through by Bernadette Rossetti-Shustak

13. Little Learning Books-10 Chunky Books
14. Pop-Up Peekaboo Colors
15. Green Start Books- The Five Senses
16. Eddie and Ellie’s Animal Opposites
17. Time for Bed by Mem Fox
18. You Are My Baby: Safari by Lorena Siminovich
19. Green Start Book Tower-Little Color Books
20. I Love You All Day Long


*This post contains affiliate links which means I receive a portion of sales if you purchase using these links.

10 Things To Ask Yourself Before You Get Married

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Marriage is a beautiful experience when you are yolked with a kindred spirit and you are both on one accord with one another. With that being said marriages can be challenging when there is discord and disagreements. I firmly believe that when you reflect internally before getting married you can step into the relationship with more to offer and be able to receive challenges with a new strength.

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Raising Readers: Introduction and Book Types for Young Readers


The Raising Readers series is a 10-part blog series for parents who are trying to help their little learners read! There are a plethora of strategies available on the web and in books and you may be trying to decide which ones are best for your family and your little learner. This series shares best practices for teaching your children to read and addresses your concerns and about teaching them at home. [Read more…]

How I Get Free Stuff From Walmart


If you’re a frugal momma chances are you probably shop at Walmart. With Walmart’s already low pricing wouldn’t you like to save even more money?! I know I sure did so I downloaded the Walmart Saving Catcher App on my phone. [Read more…]

5 Ways to Introduce Your Child to the Performing Arts


1. Have your child “act” out their favorite book. When you give your children the opportunity to step away from the book and tell you the story “live”, you’re giving your child the opportunity to use props, voices and dialects, and use their imaginations to tell a story. This is acting in it’s most basic form!   [Read more…]

Waiting for a Pat On The Back?

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I just finished working on my non-profit’s upcoming events, feeding the kids, washing the dishes, washed two loads of clothes, braided my oldest’s daughters head for school tomorrow, did a little social media posting, put all three of the kids in bed, and now I’m writing. Yea. That’s a lot but that’s kind of what my days feel like. I’m managing a lot and chances are if you’re a busy mom you’re managing a lot too. [Read more…]