How I Get Free Stuff From Walmart

If you’re a frugal momma chances are you probably shop at Walmart. With Walmart’s already low pricing wouldn’t you like to save even more money?! I know I sure did so I downloaded the Walmart Saving Catcher App on my phone.

The last time I went to Walmart I was able to get FREE toilet tissue!

It’s very easy and simple to use. At the bottom of your receipt you’re going to see a QR code. After you’ve downloaded the app onto your phone you need to place your phone’s camera right over the code and the app scans your receipt.


Then it will compare Walmart’s pricing for the items you’ve purchased to all the other stores in your area. If someone else has an item you’ve purchased cheaper than what you’ve paid for it, Walmart give you the difference.

When you’ve collected the money you can put it right unto an e-gift card, which you can use in store or online! SWEET :-) And the best thing about it is there is no amount you must accumulate first, if there’s $2.00 on there you can use it! So the next time you go shopping at Walmart get a little something nice for yourself like a new nail polish, or scented bath salts and enjoy the savings!

My Advice to you Savings Catchers (because I wish someone had told me this!):

1. When you click the Redeem button to move your savings onto the e-gift card, it takes a couple of hours. I was shopping at Walmart right then and there and thought I could use the certificate right away and I wasn’t able to. I had to use it on my next visit. So give yourself time and be sure to press redeem a few hours before you actually plan on going shopping at Walmart!

2. Scan your receipts as soon as the cashier hands them to you. It’s so easy to lose that reciept or worse, it’s raining as you walk back to your car the ink on the reciept gets smudged.

You can learn more about Savings Catcher Here:

5 Ways to Introduce Your Child to the Performing Arts


1. Have your child “act” out their favorite book. When you give your children the opportunity to step away from the book and tell you the story “live”, you’re giving your child the opportunity to use props, voices and dialects, and use their imaginations to tell a story. This is acting in it’s most basic form!  

2. Make musical instruments from household items. Allow your child to create their own music. They can drum with spoons and pans, anything can become music! Allow them to explore with sounds and rhythms. Let your inner child out and play with them! (Yea I know, too much noise is a headache but 5-10 minutes increments should be sufficient for exploration.)

3. Get the instrumental to their favorite song and let them sing it to you. You can find the instrumentals on YouTube and allow your child to hear and use his or her own voice. Trust me they know the words. Allow them to build their confidence and skill by belting it out. Be sure to applaud them and maybe even request an encore to empower them to continue singing. 

Performing Arts

4. Shout of various animals and allow them to move their body like the animal. This activity will allow your child to explore movement. They will learn concepts of dance like space, time, levels, shape, directions, and speed. This can be done with or without music just to change things up a bit. 

5. Make puppets and put on a show. You can purchase puppets or get crafty and make some hand puppets or masks. Allow your child to lead the conversation. Their minds can create settings, characters, plots, all kinds of concepts when given a chance! You can even use this activity to find out what’s weighing on their hearts because you’re having an interactive conversation. 

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How to Deal With A Frustrated Preschooler


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{Printable} Emergency Contact Sheet

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Are you doing these 9 things with your baby?

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